“My love of the Sword began with movies such as The Three Musketeers and Star Wars. Throughout the years I have practiced European Fencing and Tae Kwon Do. While working in Korea as a teacher my co-worker and friend Douglas Lusby introduced me to Haidong Gumdo and I have never looked back. I am currently a 3rd Dan Black belt, and started training in Seoul South Korea under Master Ahn Sung Hyun at the Dangsan dojang in 2003. After spending three years in Korea I returned to Canada. I am currently the Master/Instructor for Haidong Gumdo at Woo Young’s Tae Kwon Do, on Kempt Road in Halifax, continuing my training under Grand Master Chung and Master Park Keun in Moncton New Brunswick. I am currently training for my 4th Dan.” – Master Brian Bowser